Some years ago I bumped with my search for a lounge stool to my sitting room sofa into the problem that I found nothing according to my images. The stool should fit by the height to the sofa. Besides, it might not be too heavy, so that I can put it easily in another corner. The colours should be coloured, because my sofa was only monochrome and I love colors. Finally, one should also be able to sit on it if one needs sometimes more places.

Finally I wondered, how I can make it myself. As a manual working woman it occurred to me that there were earlier on occasion embroidered chair upholsteries. There are still count pattern for it to buy. However, the offered patterns are just awful. Then I wanted an also optically light stool. Therefore, I ordered up from a friendly locksmith a rack from brushed high-grade steel. And then he was there, my "old stool":


Meanwhile I have polished in the details and sketch every motive myself. On the basis of inquiries I have taken up wood with and bubble only thus about from the ideas which I would still like to realise absolutely.

My biggest passion lies in the cross stitch upholsteries. This begins with the motive search and finds the climax in the often tormenting implementation of the embroidery if every single cross must be searched first and then be explained behind and in front properly.

At the patchwork the love lies in the materials. The colours selecting, cutting the materials, then join in new formations again - in the end a cleanly processed upholstery who simply pleases as an individual single manufacture comes out.

Basically, the stools and benches are listed here considered as a possibility. A certain pattern can also be manufactured in other colors. Size and width are almost unlimited. This applies to the cross-stitch work and the patchwork. With the latter must be calculated when ordering always on certain colour and pattern divergences.

The upholstery exists of coconut fiber with physical latex. The coconut fiber is a natural fibre with the longest life span of all natural fibres. She admits almost no mould or fungus. The plates exist of approx. 60% of coconut fibers and about 40% of latex. On the underside the upholstery is mounted on a 3 layer record. Then the upholstery is screwed together on the rack.

To the racks is to be said that is freely selectable which upholstery with which rack is combined. The height of the chair can also be chosen freely.

The prices are directed after outlay and arrangement. They lie with the cross stitch stools between 4,000 and 10,000 € and with the patchwork stools between 500 and 800 €.